FlyerAlarm aims to be biggest in promotional print
1 May 2019 06:00

German online business is investing heavily in development of its promotional giveaways division with the aim of becoming market leadership.

FlyerAlarm is configuring its promotional gifts division, bringing it into the main part of the group offering.

Pascal Ritter will head the Give Away division which will also include the promotional products business, previously involved in product development. This gives the operation carte blanche for rapid growth, with a commitment to add staff as the it grows.

There are already several thousand product types from rubber stress buster give aways to promotional pens, pads and more. Small and large gifts can be printed with a company logo, slogan or other message, says the company. It suggests spa and beauty articles that can be personalised to a hotel or salon.

“Give aways are the best advertisement for companies, no matter what size,” says Ritter. “They are suitable for a variety of occasions, express a tremendous appreciation for customers and enhance the impact of advertising messages, mailings and other actions.

“In future we will not only see the items in our online shop, but also develop, design and print them with even more close collaboration with customers.”

There has been a boom in printed promotional items as inkjet capability to print on solid items has increased. This also includes the rapidly expanding direct to garment sector where the arrival of new inkjet machines is both reducing costs and increasing the opportunity to enhance more products with print.

“We see many interesting opportunities and plenty of potential for growth,” he continues.

FlyerAlarm is the largest German online print business with 80,000 product types that can be printed across general print and into give away and larger promotional items such as bar umbrellas and display graphics.

Now the company has set its eyes on market leadership in the promotional give aways sector as the division is developed in what the business terms a “full service offer”.

Prepared on the basis of information from FlayerAlarm