Who do we target

Prind goes far beyond the classic sense of printing – our goal is to present the possibility of printing across the wide range of manufacturing industries: technical textile, clothing, furniture, decorative, automotive, electronics and many others. We are going to inspire professionals by featuring the potential of market niches, enablement to enrich products and creating new unique and bespoke items. 

They are professionals from the industrial printing sector, companies that produce decorative or functional print solutions for integration into a larger manufacturing process; digital, inkjet, screen and 3D printing manufacturers producing for a wide range of industries such as textile, automotive, bio-medical, floor coverings, solar panels, ceramics, wood, glass, laminates etc…

There are three reasons why we have created Prind

  • First, we are fascinated by the potential of the economic growth forecasts for industrial and 3D printing markets.
  • Secondly, as an experienced publisher we have the knowledge and capabilities to cover the new theme.
  • Finally, the subject of industrial printing perfectly fits the areas we’ve been covering for years, so we are able to bring the full spectrum of the market to readers.