New printers from Mutoh
20 Jan 2022 06:00

Mutoh has released two new roll-to-roll devices targeting high volume production of sign and display graphics for long-term outdoor use and durable indoor prints.

The XPJ-1341SR Pro and XPJ-1641SR Pro are 1.37m and 1.62m-wide and are successors to the ValueJet 1324X and XpertJet 1641SR.

The new single-head devices incorporate Mutoh’s new Accufine extra-wide 1600-nozzle printhead, its fourth generation Intelligent Interweaving technology to further suppress banding, as well as Mutoh’s VerteLith RIP software, built around Harlequin RIP core. The software offers VerteLith Clear Tone Screening, which enables optimal gradients and skin tones, while preview functions help to reduce waste and errors.

The new devices offer significant quality and speed upgrades on their predecessors with the XPJ-1341SR Pro up to 212% faster than the VJ-1324X and the XPJ-1641SR Pro up to 201% faster than the XPJ-1641SR, in all comparative production print modes.

The XPJ-1341SR Pro and XPJ-1641SR Pro printers have a list price of £8,000 and £11,000 respectively.

“The beauty about our new XpertJet Pro printers is that compared to their predecessors, the printers deliver significant speed increases in all production print modes and moreover the highest speed gain is obtained in the high quality print modes,” said Mutoh EMEA marketing manager Nick Decock.

“Mutoh has been building sign and display printers since 2003. We have a strong reputation in the market for high quality and reliable, Japan-built products. We were the pioneers in eco-solvent printing as well as the inventors of Intelligent Interweaving technology.”

He added: “Faithful to our Kaizen philosophy to create constant and continuous improvement and innovation, without ever compromising on quality, Mutoh manages to bring up both the quality as well as the speed on our new XpertJet Pro series thanks to the perfect team play of the new AccuFine printhead, the new i-screen weaving technology and our new VerteLith Mutoh RIP software.”

The new printers use Greenguard Gold-certified Mutoh MS31/MS41 inks, widening the scope of applications possible and enabling use in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals. They also offer outdoor UV durability, without lamination, of three years unless mechanical stress or environmental stress, such as floor, vehicle or marine impact, is anticipated.

The XpertJet Pro series printers also integrate automatic bi-directional alignments to ensure uninterrupted production and consistent quality, automated media feed adjustment and media roll length management and the 1641SR Pro can be specified with an optional automated nozzle-check unit that detects missing nozzles, attempts recovery through cleaning and will activate a Nozzle Area Select feature to continue production.

The new printers are available to buy through Mutoh’s UK channel partners including Spandex, Grafityp UK, Image2Output, Digital Office Systems and Atlantic Tech Services.

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