InkDock Success Story
8 Nov 2018 12:50

Since the announcement of InkDock at InPrint 2017, this highly versatile and compact ink supply system for industrial recirculating inkjet heads has been in great demand.

Several versions of InkDock have been installed in OEM products, with horizontal-, vertical- and sky-printing orientations, using different ink types (UV-curing, oil and solvent-based). We recently installed a prototype double-head, horizontal-printing version. All versions to date have incorporated the TOSHIBA TEC CF1 family of industrial inkjet heads. Our next InkDock implementation will use their higher-speed, 600npi CF3 inkjet head.

The potential applications for InkDock are very wide-ranging. We look forward to supplying versions of InkDock that successfully solve any future inkjet printing challenges.

You can see InkDock at InPrint 2018 Milan on booth 945.


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